Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blockbuster FREE Movie Rental

Blockbuster Express has done away with the current system of promo codes and now has made the codes available through texting. When you text a code to 39777 you will receive a personal code on your cell phone. The code is good for $1 and can mean a free rental if you selct a DVD that’s been out past 90 days. New releases are $3 and after 28 days become $2. A promo code is good for a $1 deduction from any of these fees.
CIRCUS to 39777

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Anonymous said...

After you use your free code you should checkout the Blockbuster Movie Pass for streaming movies. Streaming movies has saved me a lot of time and money and as a customer and employee of DISH Network, I can stream movies directly from my DISH Network satellite receiver. If the titles are not available to stream, I can use the mail service to get any other titles I want.

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